Office of 研究 Administration

Supporting 研究ers and students in their mission to pursue and conduct extramural 研究.

Our Mission

Our role is to support faculty and departments in their mission to pursue and conduct 研究 and the management of those funds. Our service includes: protocol submissions and amendments for both human and animal studies; grant submissions and management of awards; contract review and negotiations; award setup, invoicing and close-out; patent and intellectual property development and commercialization of all awards and 项目. 

Office of 研究 Administration, Organizational Chart (PPT)

Whether you are a student, postdoc, junior faculty or a seasoned 研究er ... 电子书 是给你的. For the 1st time ever, 一切 you wanted to know is within these pages. 这 is a great training source for everyone, including those in 研究 administration. Every institution across the country has processes and policies that vary slightly. You should visit our webpages and/or contact us for the processes specific to Downstate Health Sciences University.

The Life Cycle of an Award

The Grants Life Cycle has three major 阶段s: pre-award, award management and award 收尾. The applicant / recipient and awarding agency have unique roles in each 阶段.

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Celebrate Our 研究ers

section of our website celebrates all of your hard work in preparing your grant proposals and the ensuing awards. 

Although 这 section now includes all awards and competitive re新als made in 2022; going forward 这 section will showcase all 新 and competitve re新als within the month they are awarded.




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Current Rates

  • DHHS rate Agreement
  • F&房价:61美元.5%
  • State fringe rate: 61.85%
  • RF fringe rate: 39.5%
  • Graduate 学生 fringe rate: 13%
  • Postdoc fringe rate: 18%

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